Around the world, members of the WRDO Team are making a difference every day. building a better world for tomorrow , Giving Back, each in their own way, money, time, spirtitual enlightment, scientific research and education,

"Giving Back is what the WRDO Team are about, giving back to our communities, to the world"

"Now its time to hear from you, about Giving Back to WRDO, and to the world, Tell us what you have done , Together building a peaceful and sustainable planet"

Submissions (Submit A Testimonial)

Join WRDO Team and submit your videos and photos, send it to WhatsApp:+1226-50000-98 or send an eMail to: info@wrdo.org

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Please do not send any videos to the eMail, just links to your Youtube or Facebook videos!,Feel free to submit your testimonials, Nothing makes us happier than hearing how happy we make you!

Thank you, we are all working on this together, with GOD help.

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